Doggies on Buses

We welcome all dogs on our buses, including assistance dogs, and make no charge for them travelling with us. 

We do ask if you are travelling with a dog to be considerate of others whilst you and your dog are on board.

Doggy Do's

1. If you wish to travel with more than 2 dogs, please check with the driver upon boarding.

2. We don't want any lost pups - please ensure your dog boards the bus with you

3. Make sure your dog is well behaved and of no danger or nuisance to other passengers.

4. Please ensure your dog is sat on the floor or on your lap.

Doggy Dont's

1. Please don't allow your dog to sit directly on the seat as this could become unpleasant for other passengers sitting on the seats or for those with allergies. (Sitting on your lap is fine)

2. If there is another dog on board, you may not be allowed to board with your dog in case of any disagreements.

For more information, our customer service team are happy to help.