Tap, Tap, Go!

Tap, Tap, Go!

Simply, Tap On as you board the bus with your contactless payment card and we'll automatically work out the best fare for you!

No need to wait for a paper ticket or change.

A safe, quick, and convenient way to pay helping reduce boarding times and speed up bus journeys.

Perfect for adults who:

  • commute into the city for work
  • travel all week or on consecutive days.
  • don't want to bother buying a ticket beforehand
  • go shopping.

Occasional traveller? Why not buy our 10 days for £30 deal via our App! 

Tap, Tap, Go is not available for our 16-19, Children, Concessionary or Group travel fares.

Tap, Tap, Prices 

With Tap, Tap, Go,  we will work out the best value fare possible, when you travel with Norwich Park and Ride.


Price capped at 

Day Anytime 


Day ( After 1200)


3 consecutive days 


4 consecutive days


5 - 7 consecutive days


The price of any journeys you make will be calculated by the payment system and charged to your account at the end of each day.

The price is the same as buying a paper ticket on the bus.

Here are some Journey vs Capped price examples...

If you make multiple jouneys in one day and you travel before 1200


If you travel after 1200, and make multiple journeys


If you commute in the morning ( before 1200) for three consecutive days


If you travel 3 consecutive days after 1200 

£8.10 (as the daily rate applies)

If you travel 4 consecutive days before 1200 


If you travel for 4 non - consecutive days in the week before 1200

£14.70 (as the weekly rate applies)

If you travel before 1200 5 days a week or more  (max of 7 days) 


IMPORTANT: Capping will only work if you use the same card or device to travel.

Occasional traveller? Why not buy our 10 days for £30 deal via our App! 

Ways to Pay

You can use Tap, Tap, Go with any card featuring a contactless symbol including Visa and Mastercard Contactless Debit or Credit Card or Google Pay or Apple Pay on your smart phone. Unfortunately, we do not accept Maestro or American Express.

No sign up required, simply hop on the bus and  Tap, Tap, Go

Remember: Place your card face down with the contactless symbol facing down onto the ticket pad. If using your smart phone, direct the symbol facing upwards 

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How does it work?

Tap in

Tap In

When you board the bus, simply place the card or phone on the ticket machine reader by the driver and wait for the beep. When the screen displays ACCEPTED, you're good to go...

Enjoy your journey

Enjoy your journey

Sit down in the comfort of our buses and enjoy your journey into Norwich City Centre.

Tap out

Tap Out

When you're ready to head home, Tap Out on the ticket machine reader as you board the bus. When the screen displays "Accepted" you're good to go.

Track your journey history

Journey History

You can check your journey and fares history at https://mytrips.uk.littlepay.com/go-east-anglia. No sign up needed.

Frequently asked questions

Is it just for adult fares?

Yes. For discounted, 16-19, child or group tickets please use the app or buy a paper ticket from the driver. 

Can I pay for two or more people?

No, you can only use your card/device for one person per journey when travelling using Norwich Park and Ride. You can still continue to buy a paper ticket for multiple passengers and pay by card.

Will I get a ticket?

When you use  Tap, Tap Go  you won't receive a ticket but you can check your journey history and the fares charged online at https://mytrips.uk.littlepay.com/go-east-anglia.You'll need to enter your card details so we know it's you, but you won't be charged. If a revenue protection inspector boards the bus you will need to present the card you used to make payment for inspection.

Do I need to “tap off” as I leave the bus?

No, given the simple nature of Norwich Park and Ride and that all our journeys travel into Norwich Bus Station,  you do not need to Tap Off as you leave the bus. Simply "Tap Out" again as you board the bus to head on back to one of our four car park sites to collect your car.

What routes can I use Tap, Tap Go on? 

Tap, Tap, Go is valid on routes 501 and 502 from Norwich Airport, Sprowston, Harford and Thickthorn.

For passengers using routes 6 and 8 from Norwich to Thickthorn park and ride in the  evenings, Tap, Tap, Go will also be valid on these routes too.  You can also travel out of the city to any of our car park sites and then travel back in again with Tap, Tap, Go. 

Why didn't my card work? 

There are a few reasons why a card may not work when presented for travel; if this happens your driver will ask you to try another card, or to pay using cash or another form of payment such as the mobile app.

Unfortunately, we will not always know the reason for a card not being accepted. Some of the reasons why a card may not work include:

1. The card has expired or is not yet activated

2. The card is not a contactless card

3. The card is of a type that we do not accept e.g. American Express or Maestro

4. Your mobile device has not been set up correctly to use Apple Pay or Android Pay or you are not using the Apps to support the payment properly.

5. A payment for a previous journey failed to complete.

6. Your card hasn’t been approved by the bank for the transaction. This can happen if you make several low value transactions in a short space of time, as for some card issuers this can trigger risk management rules that are designed to keep your card safe from criminal activity.

7. Your card has been flagged as not having had a chip and PIN transaction for a certain period. Some (mostly older) cards require at least one chip and PIN transaction to take place in every so many transactions, to help manage the risk of the card becoming lost or stolen and subsequently being used fraudulently by criminals. The easiest way to remove this flag is to conduct a chip and PIN transaction at an ATM or retailer of your choice. Please note this is different to the new requirement to enter your PIN after five contactless transactions which does not apply to our buses.

What if I have a question about Tap. Tap, Go? 

Contact our Customer Services team on 0330 053 9358 or email feedback@konectbus.co.uk