Students receive essential life skills during work placement preparation

9 months ago Wed 12th Jul 2023

students learn essential life skills

Konectbus has recently collaborated with the East of England Energy Group to deliver a Life Skills Workshop to Year 10 students at City Academy in Norwich.

The objective of the workshop was to endow the students with the correct knowledge, know-how and confidence to travel independently using the resources available and provide them with the skills they need to plan their journeys and prepare for their work experience placements and beyond.

The idea behind targeting the 14–15-year-old age group was to lay the foundations for increased independence, better mental health, and economic growth by creating greater accessibility for employment, and an increased uptake in sustainable travel among the future generation of adults.

Davina Langley, Head of Commercial and Marketing for Konectbus/Go East Anglia comments:

“For the many rural areas across our network, confidence to use buses lies at the heart of a successful and functioning community. We hope that helping to share essential life skills to students at their schools will help will to grow their independence and encourage them to consider other ways to travel without having to rely on others. We also hope to broaden this project to other schools across the Konectbus network and reach as many children as possible.”

Having completed the workshop, Konectbus provided every student with a FREE weekly ticket to use during their work experience placement this week or to apply the skills learnt within the workshop in a practical environment for leisure or social purposes.

Sophie Skipp – Head of Energy Skills for East of England Energy Group said”

The energy sector is growing but concentrated in the coastal areas of Norfolk and Suffolk. The gift of confidence to travel and explore could be life changing and work experience is an ideal opportunity to step away from your personality in school and demonstrate how mature you can be. The energy industry is an important growth sector and as we are moving towards NetZero, we need a growing workforce to deliver this.  EEEGR’s Skills for Energy programme provides the young people in our region with the knowledge and skills to change the world. We approached Konectbus having previously seen some of the excellent community work they had delivered, in particular their Chatty Bus campaign, and they agreed to collaborate with us to solve a problem, facilitating travel for the younger generation whilst delivering important life skills. “

City Academy student learn essential life skills