• Does your child travel to secondary school or college by bus?

    Important information for parents and guardians of school children

We are committed to providing a safe transport environment so that children can resume their education. If you are buying a ticket from us, please be assured that if there is another lockdown and schools are closed, we will be happy to offer a full refund for all the days of school closure.

We know that many parents are concerned about the safety of bus travel for children. We will do the best we can to make things safe. What is clear is that our roads cannot cope with everyone being taken to school by car. If too many parents opt to do this then neither our buses nor school days will be able to run on time.

Guidance from the Department of Education is that school/college students do not need to be socially distanced from others within their group, so you will not see the general restriction on use of seats that have been applied to public buses in recent months, and buses may be nearly full.

We are doing the following things to make sure children can travel safely and would be grateful for your support too.

What we do:

  • We will undertake a daily wipe down of all touch surfaces (including grab rails and seat frames) with cleaning products meeting the EN14476 virus cleaning standard which should kill COVID particulates touching them for the following 30 days.
  • Every week we will undertake a full clean of all our buses. The spray we use is designed to kill any residual virus landing on the treated surface.

What we need you to do:

  • Provide hand sanitizer to use before and after travel
  • Provide a face covering (unless exempt, for example your child suffers from breathing difficulties).

A full list of exemptions can be found on our coronavirus page  along with details of our FREE Helping Hand card, which explains exemption to the driver. Please note that a face covering can also be a scarf or a bandana.

What we need you to do:

  • Sanitise your hands when waiting for the bus, so that you don’t bring germs onto the bus.
  • Queue a metre apart – this is important because bus stop queues are not in year group bubbles, and members of the public may be waiting too.
  • Make sure the face covering is being worn properly or an exemption card is ready to show to the driver.
  • If you are displaying symptoms – ie a high temperature, loss of taste or smell, or a persistent dry cough – then please turn round and go home. You should not travel or attend school.

What we do:

  • The driver will be sitting behind a plastic screen to protect you
  • Please consider buying your ticket in advance if you need to do so from Norwich Bus Station, the East Anglia Buses App, from feedback@konectbus.co.uk or here on our website.

What we need you to do:

  • Please have your ticket ready
  • If you need to buy a ticket please provide the correct fare (older students should pay contactless if they have an account)
  • Don’t crowd on – stay back from the person in front of you

What we do:

  • Some of the seats on our buses are out of use; this is to stop people sitting within 2m of the driver or facing each other.

What we need you to do:

  • Go and find your seat straight away.
  •  Sit with your school and your year group.
  • Years 9, 10 and 11 should sit upstairs on double-deckers or at the back on a single-decker
  • Years 7 and 8 should sit downstairs on double-deckers or at the front of a single-decker
  • On public buses please leave the front few rows downstairs for members of the public and if you need to stand, stand further back with other students in your group
  • Please tell us if there are not enough seats in your part of the bus so that we can re-plan your service
  • Most school buses only carry schoolchildren.On public buses please leave the front few rows downstairs for members of the public and if you need to stand, stand further back with other students in your group.
  • Please leave the windows open to circulate fresh air.


We MUST remind you to NOT remove your face covering during your journey when you travel on our buses.


What we need you to do:

  • There is a line on the floor 2m behind the driver, please stay behind it until the bus stops
  • Keep back from the person in front of you in the queue. When the bus arrives at school please wait until the seat in front of you is empty before you stand up to get off.

Your child’s safety is important to us and we have introduced “Student Zones” to allow every child to ONLY sit with children from their school and retain their social bubbles. This will avoid the mixing of any student groups.

On double-deckers the zones for years 9 to 11 are upstairs, with year 11 at the back, year 10 in the middle and year 9 at the front. The zones for years 7 and 8 are downstairs. 

These stickers are in a standard place on all our buses so they may not be quite right for your school.

A full list of zoning arrangements on school buses is available here.

If you or your child has any questions about travelling on our buses or would like to know more about the special safety measures we have in place at the bus stops, on our bus or as you leave, please get in contact with us on 03300 539358 or email feedback@konectbus.co.uk 

Don't forget to get their bus passes sorted, you can buy via our app at East Anglia Buses App or from our cusomer services team or Norwich Bus Station. Find out more 

If your child does buy their bus ticket from our drivers, please can you send them with the exact fare to avoid any unnecessary handling of cash and minimize the spread of any infection. 

We look forward to welcoming them all back on board - #keepingeveryonesafe