Why leave the spooky for Halloween? Norwich Ghost Walks offer up creepy tours all year around, exploring the dark, ghoulish history behind the city. Theatrical retellings of Norwich’s ghosts are given alongside the haunting spots, with the Elm Hill and River Route currently touring. If you’re hoping for a more festive group experience, Norwich Ghost walks also offer up special tours for Halloween and Christmas. 

Tours leave from the Adam & Eve pub, so if you have time for a tipple beforehand you can enjoy a drink from what is believed to be the oldest pub in Norwich! Usually beginning at 7:30pm and going on for two hours, you’ll either be able to enjoy the sunset hitting the city as you’re guided around, or get the spooky darkness to accompany the creepy tales, depending on the time of year.

Be sure to pre-book tickets from the Norwich Ghost Walks website if you’re interested.


Photo Credit Norwich Ghost Walks Gallery


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