Norfolk Bus Passengers up by 16% after Investment

4 months ago Mon 29th Jan 2024

New figures have shown that passenger numbers between April and December have increased by 16% on the same period in 2022, which is an increase of 2.6 million individual passenger journeys.

The rise has followed a £49.5m government grant to encourage greater bus use.

Konectbus commented

" With support of the BSIP scheme, we have been able to launch three new routes - 35, 512 and 21/22/23 to improve frequency and connectivity for residents and enhanced numerous services with the addition of more late night and weekend journeys.

Along with the UK Government's £2 single fare cap, which is applied to most routes we operate, the reduction in Family Day, Weekly and 30 Day tickets for longer journeys and reduced Park and Ride fares, we have continued to see monthly growth across many of our services as people choose more often to travel by bus across our county."

Read the full article by BBC East here 

Norfolk bus passenger numbers up by 16% after investment - BBC News

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