Proposed Timetable Changes - 2 Jan 2019 *updated*

Page last updated: 23/11/18 14:00hrs regarding confirmed changes since consultation period

Affects routes; 3, 5, 5B, 6, 6A, 8, 9, 11, 37A, 84, 87, 88 & 500

Please see below timetable changes to parts of the Konectbus network for Wednesday 2nd January 2019. Most of the changes are timetable adjustments to help our buses run to time due to increased congestion in certain areas such as Norwich, Dereham and near the N&NU Hospital. Unfortunately due to unsustainable losses route 5 between Queen's Hills and Norwich, and route 87* (Bungay - Poringland - Stoke Holy Cross - Norwich) will be withdrawn. Anyone who has purchased a season ticket for a route or journey that is affected by the changes below please get in touch with us.

* route 87 will not be withdrawn in the evenings and on Sundays & bank holidays

Route 3, 6 & 6A

Thetford - Watton

Toftwood - Shipdham - Watton

Watton - Hingham - N&NU Hospital (3) / Wymondham (6/6A) - Norwich

We’re making some changes to improve the punctuality of our buses in the face of growing traffic congestion. 

Summary; please note: 

  • The 0715 3 departure from Watton has been advanced 5 minutes to ensure a prompt arrival at the N&NU Hospital at 0800. 
  • The 0700 and 0745 6 departures from Watton have been advanced 5 minutes and will now depart at 0655 and 0740 respectively. 
  • The 0745 3 from Thetford has been advanced 5 minutes and will now depart at 0740. 
  • The 1645 3 from Norwich will now leave 5 minutes later at 1650 to ensure a prompt departure in the evening peak. 
  • The 0815 6 from Norwich will depart at 0810 on schooldays and 0820 on non-schooldays and Saturdays. 
  • The 0840 from Watton to Great Hockham, and the 0857 Great Hockham to Watton have been withdrawn due to low usage
  • The 1044/1444 from Thetford to Watton, and the 1124/1324 from Watton to Thetford, will omit East Wretham Camp due to low usage. 
  • Journeys arriving into Watton High Street from Norwich will continue to Swaffham Road roundabout bus stop opposite the petrol station. 
  • Journeys starting and finishing in Shipdham will be extending from/to Toftwood, Shipdham Road, Westfield Road. 
  • The change to the 6A only affects the 1910 departure from Norwich which has revised times. This journey will connect with a new journey from Watton to Toftwood via Shipdham. 

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Route 5

Queen's Hills - Dereham Road - Norwich - Yarmouth Road - Postwick P&R

Route 5 will be withdrawn between Queen's Hills, Dereham Road and Norwich. This difficult decision has been made due to unsustainable losses on this corridor. Route 5 between Postwick Park & Ride and Norwich will still operate and operate to a revised timetable. We would like to thank our customers who have used Konectbus route 5 since it started in 2007 and advise there is an alternative with First's route 24/24A- view timetable here. 

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Route 5B

Stalham - Wroxham - Norwich

Revised Sunday timetable including revised times from and to Stalham. Route 5B on Sundays will connect with route 8 to Dereham. 

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Route straight8

Toftwood - Dereham - Norwich

Revised Sunday & bank holiday timetable with better train connections at Norwich Rail Station for trains to/from London. We have allowed more time to help improve punctuality. 

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Route 9

Attleborough - Wymondham - N&NU Hospital

The 0655 9 from Wymondham to the N&NU Hospital will be advanced 5 minutes to give it more running time with increased traffic in the Wymondham/Hethersett area and condition of the highway between Hethersett and Lt Melton. 

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Route 11

Dereham - Watton - Swaffham

The 0710 departure from Dereham to Watton has been advanced 5 minutes and will depart at 0705. There are also minor revised times on Sundays & bank holidays to improve punctuality. 

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Route 37A

Mulbarton - Norwich

Revised timetable on Sundays & bank holidays to improve punctuality. 

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Route 84
Harleston - Shotesham - Stoke Holy Cross - Norwich

The 1420 from Harleston will operate via Trowse instead of Long John Hill to cater for the Framingham Earl High School pupils. 

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Route 87/88

Southwold - Halesworth - Bungay

Bungay - Poringland - Norwich

Due to continuing unsustainable losses we have made the difficult decision to withdraw route 87 (Bungay - Poringland - Upper Stoke - Stoke Holy Cross - Caistor St Edmund - Trowse - Norwich), except in the evenings and on Sundays & bank holidays. Stoke Holy Cross and Caistor St Edmund will be served by Konectbus route 84. First's Charcoal Line will serve Poringland, Upper Stoke, Stoke Holy Cross and Norwich from 6 January 2019. It is our intention to operate a special timetable between 2nd and 5th January 2019 - click here to view.  

An hourly* timetable (route 88) will operate between Southwold and Bungay via Halesworth, and Bungay and Norwich via Poringland with through connections (no change of bus required) in Bungay. The train connections at Halesworth Rail Station for trains from/to Ipswich are maintained. *Please note the 1553 88 from Southwold to Bungay and the 1512 from Halesworth (Saxons Way) to Southwold have been withdrawn. 

Due to very low usage and to improve punctuality Broome will only be served on a peak journey to Norwich (0820 arrival) and from Norwich (1745 departure). The 2200 87 from Norwich will continue to serve Broome. Simonds route 581 links Broome with Bungay five times a day view timetable here

To improve punctuality Norwich's St Stephens Street will no longer be served on journeys heading into the city; it will still be served after Norwich Bus Station. 

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Route 500

Norwich - County Hall

Minor changes to the timetable in operation. 

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