Timetable Changes - 5th  January 2020

Page last updated: 11/12/19 17:35hrs

Affects routes; 1, 3, 4, 5, 5A, 5B, 5C, 7, 8, 11, 11A, 12, 13B, 20, 21, 33, 84, 500, 511, X11

From Sunday 5 January 2020, we are making changes to our bus network which will help to improve our punctuality and supply more buses on routes where our customer's demand.

We have taken into account our customer's feedback, route data and comments expressed by our drivers' which has enabled us to review and revise our timetables ready for the New Year. Unfortunately, there are some routes which have not remained sustainable due to low customer numbers and other factors, but as with every decision we make about our bus routes, these changes have not been made lightly and all factors were taking into account in producing our revised service for 2020.

We thank everyone who took part in our consultation as your comments were valuable in forming our decisions. 

Online timetables for our revised routes can be found via the links below each route and new printed leaflets will be available from Norwich Bus Station and on our buses from late December. 

Route 1
Diss - Long Stratton - Norwich

A revised timetable will be in operation on Mondays to Fridays and Sundays & Bank holidays. 

  • On Mondays to Fridays, some journeys will omit Flordon village and Upper Tasburgh. 
  • The last (Mon-Fri) journey to Diss will commence at Hempnall Bus Shelter and connect with the 1745 route 84 from Norwich Bus Station. 

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Route 3
Watton - N&NU Hospital - Norwich

  • The 1650 from Norwich to Watton will leave 5 minutes later at 1655 to keep our buses moving to our timetable. 
  • On schooldays the 0745 journey from Norwich to Watton will no longer operate, but there will be a new schooldays journey from Carbrooke (Blenheim Grange) to Watton at 0837 to accommodate existing passengers. . 
  • On schooldays the 1525 from Wayland Academy (1530 from Watton High Street) will terminate at the N&NU Hospital, instead of Norwich. Passengers can transfer onto a 1635 4 journey from the N&NU Hospital. 

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Route 4
Swanton Morley - Dereham - Mattishall - N&NU Hospital - University - Norwich

  • Short journeys between the N&NU Hospital and Norwich City Centre will terminate at Norwich Bus Station and no longer continue to Red Lion Street, Castle Meadow and Prince of Wales Road due to the ever growing and unpredictable congestion forming along Prince of Wales Road. Journeys from Norwich will continue to serve St Stephens Street.
  • There will be minor timing alterations between Dereham Market Place and the N&NU Hospital. 
  • The 1415 from Norwich will terminate at Dereham Market Place on schooldays. 
  • The 1640 from Swanton Morley will omit Easton due to the ever growing and unpredictable congestion forming in the Longwater area which has previously caused delays to our service which we wish to remove. 
  • The 1815 from Norwich will leave 5 minutes later at 1820. 

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Route 5
Postwick P&R - Yarmouth Road - Norwich City Centre

Minor timetable changes to improve punctuality, particularly in the morning peak and on a Saturday afternoon. 

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Route 5A
Blofield Heath - Brundall - Yarmouth Road - Norwich City Centre

The daytime frequency will change from every 60 minutes to every 90 minutes. Peak journeys will broadly be the same and Pilson Green and South Walsham will be added to route 5A from route 5C. The running times have been updated to address current punctuality issues of which we are very sorry about but hope these changes will deliver an improved service. 

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Route 5B
Stalham - Wroxham - Dussindale - Yarmouth Road - Norwich City Centre

  • The hourly Rackheath Industrial Estate to Norwich journeys will be withdrawn due to very low customer useage.
  • Eaton to Norwich will be served by route 5B every hour, and route 5C every hour. Between the two routes the frequency will be every 30 minutes. 
  • The peak journey between Stalham/Sutton/Catfield/Ludham to Norwich will become a route X11 journey fast via Sprowston . Passengers from Ludham and Catfield in the morning will need to board the X11 on the opposite side of the road and travel via Stalham towards Norwich, and vice versa in the evening. 
  • The 0747 Norwich to Wroxham and Stalham journey will be part replaced by a new X11 journey leaving Norwich at 0805. 
  • The 2030 Norwich to Wroxham via Rackheath and Salhouse journey will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. 
  • A new evening route 5C journey will operate from Norwich at 1935 and will serve Salhouse and Rackheath via the Plumsteads. 
  • The number of buses between Thorpe End, Dussindale Drive and Norwich will reduce to every 30 minutes (currently 3 buses an hour). 

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Route 5C
Little Plumstead - Dussindale - Yarmouth Road - Norwich - Eaton

  • Most journeys will be extended beyond Norwich City Centre to Eaton, part replacing withdrawn journeys on route 5B. 
  • The peak journeys in each direction from Pilson Green and South Walsham will be operated by route 5A. 
  • The general level of service will remain the same as now, albeit amended by up to 15 minutes to fit into an even 30 minute combined frequency with route 5B between Thorpe End and Norwich City Centre/Eaton. 
  • The number of buses between Thorpe End, Dussindale Drive and Norwich will reduce to every 30 minutes (currently 3 buses an hour). 

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Route 7
Toftwood - Dereham - fast - Costessey Park & Ride (for N&NU Hospital)

New for 2020.

There will be one Mondays to Fridays peak journey in each direction.

Route 7 (Toftwood - Dereham - Costessey P&R) journeys will connect - no change of bus required - with route 510 (Costessey P&R - N&NU Hospital. 

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Toftwood - Dereham - fast - Norwich

Some journeys in the morning peak from Dereham are retimed by 5 minutes to ensure a reliable arrival in Norwich, and the 1618 journey from Toftwood to Dereham is withdrawn. 

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Route 11 | 11A
Swaffham - Watton - Dereham

  • The 0640 from Dereham to Swaffham is advanced 5 minutes at Dereham and 8 minutes from Watton to give a better connection at Swaffham for students travelling to the College of West Anglia with First XL. 
  • The Mondays to Fridays 0800 from Swaffham to Dereham is advanced 5 minutes and retimed en route, this bus will divert via Moorgate in Dereham at 0858. 
  • The 0855 from Watton to Swaffham will commence from Dereham (Station Road) at 0829 on Mondays to Fridays. 
  • The 1440 from Swaffham to Watton will extend to Dereham on Mondays to Fridays. 
  • The 1625 from Watton to Dereham is withdrawn. 
  • The 1535 11A from Northgate High School to Toftwood will operate 10 minutes later. 

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Route 12
Dereham Town Route via Highfield Road and Moorgate

The 0846 from Moorgate to Dereham Town Centre is withdrawn and will be replaced by a diverted route 11 journey at 0858. 

All route 12 journeys will serve Sandy Lane, Girling Road and Wavell Road which will replace part of route 20. 

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Route 13B
Norwich - Easton College

The morning journey has been retimed to leave the bus station at 0820 to allow better connections with other routes. 

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Route 15 - 
Hillborough - Ashill - Wayland Academy

Due to low passenger numbers this route will not be operated by us as a local bus service.

Norfolk County Council will provide an alternative for entitled pupils who have been contacted.

Route 20
Dereham Town Route via Brooks Drive and Sandy Lane

Due to low passenger numbers, this town route (not the school journeys) will be withdrawn.

Sandy Lane will be served by route 12. Passengers at Brooks Drive should use alternative buses provided on Firstbus XL on Scarning Road. The route 20 school journeys between Swaffham, Necton, Scarning and Dereham Schools will continue to operate, but to a slightly revised timetable. 

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Route 21
Fakenham - North Elmham - Dereham

A revised timetable will be in operation. Please note following the timetable consultation route 21 will not serve Sandy Lane in Dereham, this will be covered by route 12. 

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Route 33
Norwich - Harvey Lane - Plumstead Road - Anglia Square - Norwich

This timetable has been retimed to give better shopping times at Anglia Square as well as the City Centre. 

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Route 37A
East Harling - Mulbarton - Norwich

** Update ** We're pleased to say that the Sunday & Bank holiday timetable will now remain the same with no change.

This is being supported by Norfolk County Council. 

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Route 84
Harleston - Hempnall - Stoke Holy Cross - Norwich

A revised timetable has been put in operation to help improve punctuality of our busese.

All journeys departing from Norwich Bus Station will now serve St Stephens Street one minute later than the bus station. 

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Route 500
Norwich - County Hall

There will be some minor timing alterations in the morning peak of no more than 5 minutes. 

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Route 511
Costessey Park & Ride - University of East Anglia

There will be revised times in the afternoon peak to aid punctuality of this service

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Route X11
Stalham - Wroxham - Norwich

  • The peak journeys have been extended to serve Catfield and Ludham, replacing route 5B at these times and offering fast journeys to and from Norwich. 
  • New journey at 0805 from Norwich to Wroxham and Stalham. 
  • New journey at 1420 from Norwich to Wroxham and Hoveton on schooldays only. 

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