• International Women's Day

    International Women's Day is on the 8th March and we celebrate the women within our company who have made a positive difference.

Diversity and inclusion means a lot to us.

At Go East Anglia, everyone is welcome in all our roles!

We’re part of the Women in Bus network which brings men and women from across Go Ahead companies come together to bring about lasting change in improving access and inclusion to all roles across departments. 

In 2018/19, 87.1% of the staff at Go East Anglia were male and 12.9% were female. Cleaners, bus drivers, admin staff and management make up our fantastic team of women across the company. 

International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8 and celebrates the achievements of women. 

Across our Go East Anglia companies - Konectbus, Hedingham and Chambers, everyday we celebrate our employes, but to mark International Womens Day, we are proud to share an insight into our female employees and the part they play towards the success of our transport business. 

If you feel you would like to become part of our team, we welcome you on-board. Check out our latest roles.


Our People

Carina - Cleaner for Konectbus

My name is Carina and I have been working for Konectbus now since September 2017. I had heard about Konectbus through a friend as possibly the best company to work for in the area and decided to come on board. My role has now changed from driver to cleaner, including fuelling, shunting, and vehicle distribution for our engineering and operations team. This I enjoy as it gives variety to my job. I work with a fantastic group of people who are extremely friendly, supportive and sometimes hilarious to get on with and I look forward to coming to work. It was never my intention to come into the industry from school and I just drifted from job to job but since passing my PCV in 2002, I have not looked back and have always been employed, having the freedom to move around in different departments. Being in the bus industry is more of a way of life viewing colleagues as family, not just as co-workers and I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about joining as personally I couldn't imagine doing anything else until I retire!

Sharon – Customer Services Manager for Hedingham and Chambers

I have been working at Hedingham and Chambers for around 8 years. At the time hours fitted in with school times, as the children got older, I was able to work more hours. I started in accounts and then went onto customer service. What I enjoy about my job is Customer satisfaction, resolving issues with school travel, investigating complaints, as there is always two sides to a story. I am very happy in my job. I love working with Kieran (Customer Services Assistant) and all my other colleagues at Clacton Depot. My advice to people joining the industry: Be prepared for varied shifts/weekend work., be patient with passengers and don’t expect any day to be the same.

Monika - Driver for Konectbus

My name is Monika. I've been with Konectbus since December 2016, me and my family moved from London to Norwich to have a better life. I have a daughter who is nearly 16 years old and twin identical boys at 3 years old. I use to be a London bus driver with my partner as we both love driving busses and have lots of previous experience with the public. I love meeting new people, getting to know my routes and the customers that I pick up on a regular basis. Since I was young, I’ve always loved the busses and was so happy when I passed my PVC license as it was always my dream to drive big double decker busses. I consider myself a very friendly driver and will help whoever needs it, I've gone out of my way many times to help customers that's have needed my assistance, I love it when its busy because it's a big challenge to give your customers the very best service I can provide.

Natalia - Driver for Hedingham

I have been working in Hedingham for over 2 years. A bus driver’s work is extremely interesting. We often have the opportunity to see new places, meet people and explore the world. That’s why I came to England and applied for this job. Driving has become my passion and I’m glad that each day has new challenges and adventures. To encourage new starters, especially women into the industry, various types of campaigns must be organized. People often want to try bus driving but are afraid or lack of knowledge. However, modern buses mean that can also find themselves in the role of a driver without the enormous effort put into driving a large machine. Advice for new starters? Reflexes and full concentration are key in this profession. Some incidents on the road may be unexpected, but the driver must still be calm and make logical decisions quickly. Drivers of public transport must show great patience. Accuracy and reliability are also important in this work. Drivers must drive according to the schedule, try not to cause delays and find at the right stop at the right time. Interpersonal skills, smiling and openness are certainly useful