Konectbus regrets to announce a number of bus service withdrawals in South Norfolk and North Suffolk. The following routes will be affected; 87, 88, 90 and BH272. 

Page last updated: 25/2/19 with information on route 88 replacements from First - see below for details. 27/2/19 with a link to the updated route 88 farefinder with revised Halesworth-Bungay fares. 04/3/19 with information on route 90. 

Route 87: Bungay - Poringland - Norwich

Route 88: Southwold - Halesworth - Bungay

Route 88: Bungay - Poringland - Norwich

Daytime buses on Mondays to Saturdays between Bungay and Norwich will run for the last time on Friday 1st March. Evening and Sunday buses operated for Norfolk County Council will continue until Sunday 31st March.

This change will mean that there will be no through buses between Halesworth and Norwich. We will still be running the Southwold to Bungay via Halesworth route during March - click here to view timetable. Passengers will need to change buses to a First bus in Bungay. This will mean buying two separate tickets for the journey and we will be reducing the price of all tickets between Halesworth and Bungay during this period so that customers will not have to pay more money. We will also offer refunds on tickets that can no longer be used for all or part of the journey. Go to our 88 webpage and look up the revised fares from 2 March 2019. 

Any passengers travelling between Stoke Holy Cross and Framingham Earl High School are advised to Apply for school transport as soon as possible through Norfolk County Council's website to be considered for transport assistance. The cost of transport will be £55 until Easter, then £110 from Easter until the end of the school year. 

Our contracts with Norfolk County Council for evening and Sunday buses, and with Suffolk County Council for buses between Halesworth and Southwold finish on Sunday 31st March. We will also be withdrawing our buses between Halesworth and Bungay from the same date.

*** Update *** From Monday 1st April First will be extending their Coastal Clipper route 99 beyond Southwold to Bungay via Halesworth for connections to Norwich on their Charcoal Line routes 40/41. There will also be revisions to First's Charcoal Line timetable from this date too. Click here for more information and timetables.

***Update*** Konectbus will continue to provide buses between Bungay, Poringland and Norwich on Sundays & bank holidays under contract to Norfolk County Council. The journeys will be numbered 40A, 41A and X41 in line with the route numbers used along this corridor during the week by First. Please note revised fares will be in operation to mirror what is charged in the week. Times & Fares will be uploaded to our webpage by mid March. 

*** Update *** First will provide Monday to Saturday evening buses between Bungay, Poringland Norwich under contract to Norfolk County Council. The 2200 departure from Norwich has been put back to 2230 following passenger requests for a later bus. 

Route 272: Wangford - Bungay High School

Route 90: Southwold - Beccles - Halesworth

We also intend to cease operating route 272 between Southwold and Bungay High School at the end of the spring term on 1st (was 5th) April and route 90 between Halesworth, Beccles and Southwold after operation on Saturday 20th April. We provide these routes for Suffolk County Council and we presume SCC will be able to find a replacement operator, as we were not the only company that bid to run these routes. 

*** Update*** First will operate route BH272 from 1 April 2019 which will be renumbered route 99H. 

*** Update*** BorderBus will operate route 522 (Halesworth - Beccles) and route 524 (Southwold - Beccles) from 23 April 2019; replacing route 90. More information will be on their website soon. 

The reason that we are withdrawing these routes is that they continue to run at a loss. We have sustained losses of several million pounds in our Beccles based operation in the last few years. This has been because of the loss of contracts to other companies, the decline in the rural bus market and high operating costs and poor reliability which we have been unable to address at a small operation that is remote from our main business. We have also suffered from direct competition from First bus, whom most users now seem to prefer. We hope that First will have the good grace to step in and provide the extra facilities such as Sunday buses and the through route to Halesworth that we have hitherto provided, and not just focus on the profitable sections of route in Bungay and Poringland. 

We would like to thank our passengers who have supported these routes in the last few years.