Multi-Trip Bundles

Working part-time, attending your place of education only a couple of days a week or splitting your time between home and work?

Our 5 & 10 trip ticket bundles can be split over any days and once you've activated the first ticket, you have 12 months to use them.

Please note once you have activated a trip then it will stay activated for 15 minutes only. 

They are also great for the odd day out with family or friends.

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Valid from the moment you activate the ticket, our Anywhere 5 Trip tickets offers you greater flexibility to use them as and when you like.

  5 trip
Adult   £19.50
16 - 19  £15.60
Child  £12.90


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  5 trip 
Adult  £17.00
16 - 19  £14.00
Child  £11.50


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  10 Trip 
Adult  £18.00
16 - 19 £14.00
Child  £12.00

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