Konectbus City 5 will provide easier access into Norwich from the northeast of the city

2 months ago Wed 20th Mar 2024

Konectbus outside a new housing estate in Rackheath

From Monday 15 April, Konectbus will launch its ‘City 5’ route which will run between Rackheath and Norwich City Centre via Salhouse Road as an enhancement to their current 5B service.

This will provide Rackheath with an improved overall service, serving new housing developments in Rackheath and along Salhouse Road as well as parts of Rackheath village currently unserved.

The new Monday to Saturday service will run up to every 60 minutes, creating opportunities for residents to travel into work, school or college, or to access leisure facilities.

City 5 is supported by funding received from Norfolk County Council Bus Service Improvement Plan to enhance service improvements.

The timetable of the 5B will also change following a general review of the current service and will continue to provide evening and Sunday services with the last weekday bus from Norwich at 22:00.

The route is direct, easy and convenient, meaning that residents of Rackheath can access the heart of the city centre within half an hour. The route also creates an opportunity for city residents to leave the car at home to access Rackheath’s businesses and industrial estates. Not only does this enhance accessibility for the area, it creates an opportunity for more sustainable travel.

As this route serves Rackheath Industrial Estate and Green Lane West, the route can be easily accessed by Rackheath residents and workers. With the current expansion of nearby residential areas, the City 5 also provides a means for older and younger residents to travel to the facilities offered in the city centre.

Konectbus is keen to offer solutions to such groups who may otherwise have to rely on others for lifts. This concept is at the heart of their Generation Go project, which aims to instill young people with the correct skills and know-how to be able to travel independently and with confidence. This, along with the introduction of the City 5, also has the longer-term objective of encouraging young people to opt for the bus even when they have the possibility of driving in future.

The City 5 also offers a value-for-money alternative to the car. Where currently commuters may have to worry about the cost of fuel and parking, particularly with the rising cost of car parks in Norwich city centre, the bus provides an economical solution. For occasional users, the £2 single fare will apply to this route, meaning that passengers can travel for just £4 return. Passengers can also benefit from up to 25% off Family Day tickets, Weekly, and 30 Day tickets, which appeal to more frequent travellers, as well as those planning a day out at the weekend with children.

Gavin Smith, Konectbus’ Managing Director said: “Konectbus is keen to offer solutions to groups who may otherwise have to rely on others for lifts. With a growing number of young families in the Rackheath area we hope this enhanced service will encourage young people to opt for the bus even when they have the possibility of driving in future.”

Fran Whymark, county councillor for Rackheath said; “With the current expansion of nearby residential areas we have more and more people who need travel options to enable them to leave the car at home.  This enhancement to our local bus service will be a fantastic addition to the area and I’m sure it will be well used by local residents.”