30 % off all Day tickets during the Jubilee Weekend

1 month ago Tue 24th May 2022

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Why sit in traffic and cut short the celebrations this Jubilee Weekend

Join in the fun and enjoy 30% off all Day Tickets when you purchase your ticket on our Konectbus App using the discount code KBQJ0622. 

With so many events and celebrations already planned across our network, we are waiting to take you there by bus!

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Pick up a copy of our bank holiday timetables from her Majesty at Norwich Bus Station - Don't forget to take a selfie and share on your socials , tag in us - #konectbus

Timetable leaflets are also available on the bus 

Our Jubilee Bank Holiday Timetable

  • Thursday 2nd June  – Sunday timetables apply
  • Friday 3rd June – Sunday timetables apply
  • Saturday 4th June  –Saturday timetables apply
  • Sunday 5th June – Sunday Timetables apply 

During the Jubilee celebration weekend, our buses will run on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th on the following routes:

Park and Ride

  • 501 -Thickthorn to Norwich


  • 8 -  Dereham to Norwich
  • 5B  –Wroxham to Norwich
  • 1 – Long Stratton to Norwich
  • 40/41A /X41- Bungay to Norwich  
  • 3 – Watton to Norwich


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How do I buy my ticket with the discount? 

If you are yet to use the Konectbus App - Download from Google Play or Apple I-store here 

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  • Select mobile tickets
  • Select the Zone you require 


Anywhere  Unlimited travel all day across our entire network 
Straight 8  Toftwood/Dereham to Norwich 
City Zone  1 (as far as Long Stratton), 3 (as far as Colney Wood Burial Ground), 4 (as far as Easton), 5B (between Eaton, Norwich and Hoveton/Horning only), 6 (as far as Wymondham), 8 (between Rail Station and Newmarket Rd), 40A/41A/X41 (as far as Stoke Holy Cross) and 84 (as far as Stoke Holy Cross). The cityZone does not include route 53C. 
Park and Ride  Thickthorn to Norwich Bus Station

View our network map 

  • Select Day ticket right for you

A Family Day ticket allows up to 2 adults and 3 children or 1 adult and 4 children when travelling together 

Enter our Jubilee discount code KB QJ0622 into the box and 30% off will automatically be applied to the cost of your ticket

  • Select payment type and your good to go! 

The discount code can be redeemed once a day during the Jubilee weekend, so if you wish to fill your days with lots of fun events - you can redeem the code up to 4 times over the weekend

Next - check out our Things to Do section here and plan your journey for the weekend ahead

We look forward to welcoming you on board!