Day tickets

The ideal way to travel, if you heading for a day out in the city for the day, visiting family or a catch up with friends.

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Image of the anywhere logo

Anywhere Day

Unlimited travel for a full day across our Konectbus network. 

One days unlimited travel across our entire network

Adult  £6.80
16 - 19  £5.50
Child  £4.50
Family  £12.00

Valid for use on all Norwich Park & Ride, too! 

Anywhere Day tickets are also available on the bus, please pay by contactless payment card if you can. 

* adult & up to 4 children or 2 adults & up to 3 children

More information about the Anywhere Zone

Image of the city zone

Norwich cityZone Day

If you need to travel in Norwich City and around its suburbs, the cityZone day ticket is perfect for you.

With an unlimited days travel, you can hop on and off, and enjoy a city wide travel by bus. 

Route  Valid 
1 as far as Long Stratton
3 as far as Colney Wood Burial Ground
4 as far as Easton 
5B  between Eaton, Norwich & Hoveton/Horning 
6 as far as Wymondham 
8 between Rail station and Newmarket Road. 
40A/41A/X41 as far as Stoke Holy Cross
84 as far as Stoke Holy Cross 
X11  as far as Hoveton 



Adult  £5
Family  £9.50
16 - 19


Child  £3.20

More information on the CityZone 


Image of Norwich Park and Ride

Norwich Park and Ride Day 

Unlimited travel on the Norwich Park and Ride Network 

  Anytime  After 12 
Adult  £3.80 £2.70
Group £7.40 £5.50*
16 - 19 £1.90 £1.60
Child  £1.10 £0.80

* Valid After 10am and anytime at the weekends. 

More information on Norwich Park and Ride 

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Dereham Town Zone 

NEW Family Weekly ticket around Dereham for only £24.00*

Unlimited travel for a day around Dereham Town. 

  Day  Weekly 
Adult  £3.00  £12.00
16 -19 £2.50 £10.00
Child  £2.00 £8.00



Where can I travel to within the Dereham Town Zone?

Route Valid to 
8 between Toftwood and Eckling Grange 
4 between Lime Tree Close and Yaxham Road
11  between Toftwood and Market Place 
11A/14 between Toftwood and Dereham Schools
12,20 between Brooks Drive and Market Place/Dereham Schools 
21/21A  between Quebec Hall and Market Place/Dereham Schools

Image of Fusion Logo

Fusion - connects all bus services across Norfolk on just one ticket.

This multi-operator ticket can be used in the Norwich area on bus services provided by Konectbus, First Norwich and Sanders - giving you unlimited travel within the fusion zone for £7 (£6 for 16-19s, £5 for Children and £17 for a Family).

Valid on any participating operator's services irrespective of who issued the ticket. 

For more information, visit the Fusion website.


image of straight 8 logo

Straight 8 

Unlimited travel between Dereham/Toftwood and Norwich 

Adult  £5.50
16 - 19 £4.50
Child  £3.70
Family £11.00

For more information about the Straight 8

Image for Route 3 and 6

NEW Watton Town Zone ( includes Saham Toney and Carbrooke) 

  Day  Weekly 
Adult  £3.00 £10.00
16 - 19  £2.50 £8.00
Child  £2.00 £7.00

3 & 6 Day 

Travel between Watton and Norwich on the 3 & 6 with regular buses up to every 30 minutes.



16-19 £5.00
Child £4.10
Family £12.60

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