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    Here's your handy guide to travelling on our buses (Konectbus and Norwich Park & Ride).


Page last updated: 17/8/20. 15:15hrs. What's changed? New routes and minor timetable changes during September 2020. Travelling from September during school peak time information. Information for parents whose children use our buses. 22/9/20, the 0640 route 510 journey from Costessey P&R to the N&NU Hospital will operate 5 minutes earlier. 24/9/20, a new additional Straight8 journey from Norwich to Dereham will start from 30th September. 29/9/20, revised route and timetable for route 20/20A from 5-Oct. 09/10/20, relief bus for the 1530 3 from Watton High Street to Norwich from 12-Oct. 

Our buses are becoming busier as more people return to work and the high street reopens.

To support this, we have started to return to a “normal” level of service and in-line with government advice, have introduced many special measures to keep you safe as you travel with Konectbus. 

Student Travel - Back to School
If you travel on our buses at school peak times you will probably be used to sharing the bus with children and students travelling to and from school or college.

In these strange times we need to try and help get our young people back to school and college, whilst keeping you safe as you travel. The guidance from the Department for Education is that students from the same school group do not need to be socially distanced from each other, so we will be using most of the seats in our buses. However, we do need to keep our regular passengers safe and we are designating Busy Bus Zones at the front of our buses for them. Click below for more information. 

Peak school time travel - Passenger leaflet

+ Important information for parents and guardians
+ Important information regarding bus zoning
+ Important information about specific school arrangements in Norfolk

Face coverings

You please must wear a face covering when you travel on our buses, unless you are exempt.

Face Coverings - Passenger Leaflet

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What timetables are we running? 

Normal timetables are in operation with the following exceptions: 

  • Route 5 - Suspended
  • Route 500 - Suspended
  • Route 501 - Reduced Mon-Sat timetable every 15 minutes. No buses on Sundays. 
  • Route 502 - Reduced Mon-Sat timetable every 15 minutes. No buses on Sundays. 
  • Route 510 - Enhanced timetable from 1 September with buses operating up to every 10 minutes. 

Norwich Park and Ride

Costessey route 510 continues to serve the N&NU Hospital. Costessey route 511 to the University will be reinstated from 1st September. 

Route 501 from Airport and Thickthorn Park and Ride with buses running Mondays to Saturdays every 15 minutes. The Sunday timetable remains suspended. Route 502 from Harford and Sprowston Park and Ride has buses running every 15 minutes. 

Postwick remains closed and Sunday services across all sites remain suspended. Further details will be confirmed in due course. 

When are your next planned timetable changes? 

From Tuesday 1st September 2020 route 511 (Costessey P&R - University) will recommence and route 510 (Costessey P&R - N&NU Hospital) will be enhanced to operate up to every 10 minutes. From Monday 7th September 2020 new route 11B (Sprowston Tesco - Linacre Avenue - City Centre) will start, and a new later Friday and Saturday only journey will operate from Norwich to Watton. From Monday 14th September 2020 new route 521 (Airport P&R - ring road - University - N&NU Hospital) will begin. Click here to view details.

From Monday 28th September 2020 the 0640 route 510 journey from Costessey P&R to the N&NU Hospital will operate 5 minutes earlier. From Wednesday 30th September 2020 a new straight8 journey (Mondays to Fridays only) will depart Norwich Bus Station at 1605 for Dereham and Toftwood, this will provide additional capacity in the afternoon peak. From Monday 5th October 2020 a revised route and timetable will be in place for route 20/20A which will include Sporle. From Monday 12th October 2020 a relief bus will operate from Watton High Street at 1530 to Norwich. 

Click above to view our full set of emergency timetables. To stay up to date with timetable changes as they happen, Follow or Like our Facebook and Twitter (Konectbus or Norwich Park & Ride) pages as we regularly post information on there. Click to visit our facebook Konectbus and Norwich Park & Ride pages. . 

Please note: you do not need a twitter account to look at our latest updates on Twitter.


Who may and may not travel?

Our buses are available to everybody who wishes to travel and we can't wait to welcome you on-board. Some routes and journeys which serve schools are not available to the general public, click here for further information

What if I'm disabled and require assistance?
We want to reassure you that you will continue to receive the same level of support as you have done before and that our buses are safe for you to travel on. If you use a wheelchair or approved mobility scooter, our drivers will make sure that you can still board in a safe and socially distanced way.


What steps will you take to maximise social distancing and how can we help?

We ask that you sit by the window and leave the aisle seat free, unless you are travelling with someone from your household or social bubble, leaving an empty row in front and behind you where possible.

Keep windows open to help with ventilation. We also ask that you socially distance yourself from others whilst waiting at bus stops and stand back to let other people off the bus before boarding.


Do I need to wear a face covering? 

Yes, you now need to wear a face covering on public transport. This can be a mask, scarf, snood, bandana or even something you can make out of old material. There are some people that will be exempt from wearing a face covering.

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What additional cleaning is being carried out?
Our buses are being cleaned daily, and sometimes more often with touchpoints being wiped down with anti-viral spray to ensure your safety. 


Is hand sanitiser available on board?

No, we are unable to provide hand sanitiser. We ask that you bring your own when you travel and wash your hands as often as possible, at least before and after every journey.


When is the best time to travel?
If you can, we ask that you travel outside of peak times to save space for those that have no other option but to travel at that time.

Our new Busy Bus - When2Travel website, allows you to plan your journeys and look up how busy each bus will be, even down to individual bus stops. Its traffic light indicator system, is clear for all to see if a bus is full ( red),  half capacity ( orange) or plenty of space ( green).


What happens if the bus I'm waiting for is full?
The capacity on all our buses has increased from a quarter to a half full,  to still allow for social distancing measures to be safely put in place. If a bus is full, we kindly ask that you wait for the next bus in cases like this. We are monitoring things daily and should there be a requirement for additional buses, we will ensure this happens.

What happens if the last bus of the day is full? 

We won't leave anyone stranded with our last buses.We're continually monitoring passenger numbers and will ensure that adequate buses are available to support demand. 

Can I pay with cash on the bus?
We only ask that you pay with cash if you have no other option. Where possible, use contactless payments or buy your ticket in advance on the
East Anglia Buses App  instead.


Is the Bus Station open?  

Norwich Bus station is open to the public for ticket sales and for use of the toilet facilities. 

You can also call us on 0330 0539 358 (Monday - Friday 0800hrs - 1700hrs) or contact us via Twitter if you have any questions regarding your journey. 


COVID-19 safety information and travel advice


Plan your journey

  • buy a ticket in advance on our App -download our East Anglia Buses App here 
  • check our special timetables online
  • take hand sanitiser to use before and after your journey, or wash your hands, and before you touch your face
  • take and use a face covering to protect our drivers and other passengers – Further info
  • don’t travel if you feel unwel


At the bus stop

  • whilst queuing to try to keep 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household or social bubble.
  • consider waiting for the next bus if your bus is a half full
  • board one at a time, be patient and give priority to those with mobility issues.


On the bus, we ask you

  • pay with contactless (now up to £45!)
  • don’t use cash to buy your ticket - if you have no alternative, use the exact fare
  • try to keep 2 metres apart from other passengers -don't forget their are seats upstairs
  • sit by the window and leave the aisle seat free unless you are travelling with someone from your household or in your social bubble
  • Ideally leave a space in front and behind you where possible
  • Keep windows open to help with ventilation.
  • use a face covering to protect our drivers and your fellow passengers.


As you leave the bus

  • don’t approach within 2m of the driver until the bus has stopped 
  • use your hand sanitiser and/or wash your hand, before you touch your face.
  • maintain social distancing as you move through the bus shelter or bus station.


What else have we been doing to help you?


We have:

  • Installed temporary plastic screens to the cab area of our buses to help keep you and our drivers safe
  • Requested customers pay by contactless or in advance on our app and avoid cash payments on the bus, where possible.
  • Asked customers to only travel if it is an essential journey and to not use the buses to access places to exercise further afield.
  • Monitored passenger levels and activity within our towns and cities very closely to meet demand.
  • Increased our cleaning regime – with extra focus on high touch point areas
  • Issued our colleagues with training and the latest advice from the Government
  • Provided colleagues with a personal supply of hand sanitiser and issued face coverings and gloves to those colleagues who want to use them.
  • Updated our websites and social media regularly as soon as new information becomes available.
  • Displayed printed emergency timetables at all our bus stops to keep you informed
  • Issued press releases to local media so information about our services can reach as many people as possible.
  • applied social distancing measures at Norwich Bus Station.


We all have a responsibility to follow the Government advice and we thank you, our customers for your support and cooperation in this difficult time.


Covid 19 Risk Assessment Policy   Konectbus / #keepingyousafe