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Monday 12th April 2021 

Welcome Back - We've missed you!

Our buses have now resumed a normal service across all our routes with slight exceptions on Route 3 & 6  and 8.

A revised timetable for these routes are available on our website or our buses. 

All other routes can be viewed on our webiste or within our printed timetables, available on the bus or Norwich Bus Station. 


Route 1 - normal timetable resumed

Route X3 -  normal timetable resumed

Route 3 & 6 -  normal timetable resumed but the 19.10 to Norwich will continue to run to a revised time and a new timetable  to reflect this change will be published on our website by Wednesday 7th April 2021 

Route 4 & 4A - normal timetable resumed 

Route 5B - normal timetable resumed

Route 8 -From Monday 12th April, our buses will return to run to our "normal" timetable.In addition to our normal timetable, the 16.05 from Norwich to Toftwood will continue to run and the 1807 and 18.37 will stop at Thickthorn Park and Ride on route to Dereham. A new timetable to reflect this change will be published on our website by Wednesday 7th April 2021 

Route 11 & 11A - normal timetable resumed 

Route 11B - normal timetable remains

Route 12 - normal timetable resumed 

Route 14 - normal timetable remains

Route 17 - normal timetable remains

Route 20 & 20A - normal timetable remains

Route 21 & 21A -normal timetable resumed

Route 53C -normal timetable remains

Route 81 - normal timetable remains

Route 84 - normal timetable remains 

Norwich Park and Ride

Route 501 - Normal timetable will resume until Monday 17th May when we plan to reintroduce our stop at Norwich Airport Terminal route and two additional journeys at 1920 and 2020. Additional evening and Sunday journeys may be introduced during the summer of 2021 – check on line for further updates. 

Route 502 - Normal timetable resumed

Route 510   Normal timetable resumed to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. You can use this service to attend your COVID 19 vaccination and tickets cost just £1 return. (per adult.) Please only attend the hospital if you have pre-booked your vaccination.

Route 511  -  our buses will will run to the University of East Anglia up to every 30 minutes for those students and staff attending campus. Travel is FREE for Students and Staff at the UEA.

If you have any question or concerns regarding our latest changes, please get in touch with our customer services team on 0330 0539 358 or email feedback@konectbus.co.uk 


Travelling by bus to recieve your COVID-19 Vacination 

If you have recieved a NHS vaccination letter and have booked your appointment, you are able to travel there on our buses. 

For a complete list of ways to access the Castle Quarter Vacination Centre in Norwich, click here . For all local community practices, click on our journey planner to find the best route and times to travel.


General Safety Advice when travelling by bus 

Our priority is to continue to connect our communities safely and we ask that you only use our buses to travel for essential reasons, as per government advice:

  • to shop for essentials.
  • to access work if you absolutely cannot work from home.
  • to seek medical supplies
  • to access schools or colleges


When travelling by bus, it is important that you wear a face covering throughout the entire journey, sanitise your hands and sit upstairs, where possible, to help with social distancing.

We would also ask that you:

  • purchase your ticket in advance via our East Anglia Buses App or pay contactless
  • sit by an open window
  • socially distance always
  • leave a space in front and behind you
  • touch as few surfaces as possible
  • travel when our buses are less busy

You can click the links below and check how busy our buses are before you leave home

+ How busy is my bus? (Konectbus)

+ How busy is my bus? (Norwich Park & Ride)


Should you have any questions, please contact us on 03300 539 358 or feedback@konectbus.co.uk .

#staysafe #handsfacespace

Face Coverings

In line with guidance from the government, you must wear a face covering on public transport. This can be a mask, scarf, snood or a bandana. If you fit into any of the government exemptions, then you'll be able to travel on our buses without wearing a face covering. Just tell the driver when you board the bus and show an exemption card which you can download further down this page.

Face covering advice

Pay Contactless

Please pay by contactless or use the East Anglia Buses app to pay for your journey in advance. If you still need to use cash, please use the correct change.

Download the App

Travel Off Peak

Consider travelling off peak and free up space for essential workers and students who need to travel at peak times. Off peak is between 9.30am and 2.30pm and you can even save money on Park and Ride group tickets from 10am and individual tickets from 12pm.

Off Peak Times and Fares

Busy Bus Tracker

Choose to travel on the quieter buses for your comfort, safety and peace of mind. When2travel gives you the information you need when planning your next bus journey – including the latest timetables and up-to-date capacity predictions on a stop-by-stop basis.

+ How busy is my bus? (Konectbus)
+ How busy is my bus? (Norwich Park & Ride)

Student Travel

We continue to provide essential travel for students travelling to school and college and have established student zones. To support our commitment to your safety on board, we ask students to wear a face covering and not to remove it until they reach their school or college. Ensure it is worn properly - not on the chin or with nostrils uncovered. Have an exemption card ready to show to the driver, if required and sanitise hands when awaiting and leaving the bus. Queue a metre apart as members of the public may also be waiting to board.

Student and Parent Travel Advice

Adult Passengers travelling at School Peak Times

If you travel on our buses at school peak times, you are likely to share the bus with students. For your safety, we have created ZONES across all our buses and if you are not a student, you should sit in the BUSY BUS ZONE at the front of the bus. This will ensure you are sat a safe distance away from other passengers.

Peak School Time - Passenger Advice

Download the NHS App

When travelling around our bus stations and stops it's suggested that you download and use the official NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app.

Download the App

In the meantime, Stay Safe everyone



Plan your journey

  • take and wear a face covering to protect our drivers and other passengers. You will be breaking the law if you fail to do so and are not exempt, which could result in a fine – Further info
  • buy a ticket in advance on our app - download our East Anglia Buses App here 
  • check our timetables online
  • take hand sanitiser to use before and after your journey, wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face
  • don’t travel if you feel unwell

At the bus stop

  • whilst queuing try to keep 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household or social bubble.
  • consider waiting for the next bus if your bus is half full
  • board one at a time, be patient and give priority to those with mobility issues.

On the bus, we ask you to

  • pay with contactless (now up to £45!)
  • don’t use cash to buy your ticket - if you have no alternative, use the exact fare
  • try to keep 2 metres apart from other passengers - don't forget there are seats upstairs
  • sit by the window and leave the aisle seat free unless you are travelling with someone from your household or in your social bubble
  • ideally leave a space in front and behind you where possible
  • sit by and keep windows open to help with ventilation.
  • travel side by side and avoid facing others where possible.
  • touch as few surfaces as possible
  • use a face covering to protect our drivers and your fellow passengers.

As you leave the bus

  • don’t approach within 2m of the driver until the bus has stopped 
  • use your hand sanitiser and/or wash your hands and avoid touching your face.
  • maintain social distancing as you move through the bus shelter or bus station.

We have also

  • installed plastic screens to the cab area of our buses to help keep you and our drivers safe
  • requested customers pay by contactless or in advance on our app and avoid cash payments on the bus where possible.
  • asked customers to only travel if it is an essential journey and to not use the buses to access places to exercise further afield.
  • monitored passenger levels and activity within our towns and cities very closely to meet demand.
  • increased our cleaning regime – with extra focus on touch point areas.
  • issued our colleagues with training and the latest advice from the government.
  • provided colleagues with a personal supply of hand sanitiser and issued face coverings and gloves to those colleagues who want to use them.
  • updated our websites and social media regularly as soon as new information becomes available.
  • displayed printed emergency timetables at all our bus stops to keep you informed
  • issued press releases to local media so information about our services can reach as many people as possible.
  • applied social distancing measures at Norwich Bus Station.
  • publicised the NHS Covid-19 APP to help people" check in "at venues that display an official NHS COVID 19 QR poster at the entrance.



Who may and may not travel?

Our buses are available to everybody who wishes to travel and we can't wait to welcome you on-board. Some routes and journeys which serve schools are not available to the general public, click here for further information.

What if I'm disabled and require assistance?
We want to reassure you that you will continue to receive the same level of support as you have done before and that our buses are safe for you to travel on. If you use a wheelchair or approved mobility scooter, our drivers will make sure that you can still board in a safe and socially distanced way. If you need to travel with a pushchair, we are happy to accept these on our buses as before. 

What steps will you take to maximise social distancing and how can we help?

We ask that you sit by the window and leave the aisle seat free, unless you are travelling with someone from your household or social bubble, leaving an empty row in front and behind you where possible.

Keep windows open to help with ventilation. We also ask that you socially distance from others whilst waiting at bus stops and stand back to let other people off the bus before boarding.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Yes, you need to wear a face covering on public transport. Find out more

What additional cleaning is being carried out?
Our buses are being cleaned daily, and sometimes more often, with touch points being wiped down with anti-viral spray to ensure your safety. 

Is hand sanitiser available on board?

No, we are unable to provide hand sanitiser. We ask that you bring your own when you travel and wash your hands as often as possible, at least before and after every journey.

When is the best time to travel?
We ask that you avoid travelling at peak times, if possible, to save space for those esssential workers and students who have to travel at that time. Our Busy Bus  When2Travel website allows you to plan your journeys and look up how busy each bus will be, even down to individual bus stops. Its traffic light indicator system is clear for all to see if a bus is full (red), half capacity (orange) or plenty of space (green).


What happens if the bus I'm waiting for is full?
All our buses are currently restricted to half capacity to allow for social distancing measures to be safely followed.  If a bus is full, we kindly ask that you wait for the next bus.


What happens if the last bus of the day is full? 

We won't leave anyone stranded by our last buses. We're continually monitoring passenger numbers and will ensure that adequate buses are available to support demand. 


Can I pay with cash on the bus?

We ask that you ONLY pay with cash if you have no other option and use the exact change.  

Where possible, use contactless payments or buy your ticket in advance on the East Anglia Buses App instead.

Is the Bus Station open?  

Norwich Bus station is open to the public for ticket sales and for use of the toilet facilities. 

You can also call us on 0330 0539 358 (Monday - Friday 0800hrs - 1700hrs) or contact us via twitter if you have any questions regarding your journey. 


We all have a responsibility to follow the Government advice and we thank our customers for their support and cooperation at this difficult time.

Covid 19 Risk Assessment Policy  

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