• Coronavirus Update

    The health and safety of our colleagues and customers is our number one priority

Service Updates 

Update 22.5.20 2:30pm

From Monday 1st June we will be adding additional (Monday to Saturday) journeys to some of our routes to provide more capacity at certain times of the day to encourage social distancing on our buses. There will be no changes to Sunday and bank holiday timetables. 

Information about our proposed timetables are below and we welcome your comments straight away at feedback@konectbus.co.uk or on 03300 539358

Please see summary below for more information. If a route isn't listed below then it will continue to operate to its current emergency timetable, this can be viewed by going to our
timetables page, selecting your route and viewing the emergency timetable PDF. 

Route 1 (Diss - Norwich). Off peak timetable revised.
+ View timetable
Route 3&6 (Toftwood - Watton). Additional peak time journeys restored. + View timetable
Route 3&6 (Watton - Norwich). Peak time journeys restored and off peak frequency every hour between Watton and Norwich.+ View timetable
Route 4 (Swanton Morley - Norwich). Peak time journeys restored. + View timetable
Route 5B (Stalham - Norwich - Eaton). Eaton - Norwich section of the route restored to every hour. + View timetable
Straight8 (Toftwood - Dereham - Norwich). Peak timetable enhanced to every 30 minutes, off peak timetable enhanced to every 60 minutes. + View timetable
Route 37A (East Harling - Norwich). Monday to Friday timetable restored. + View timetable
Route 50/50A (Mousehold Heath - Eaton Park/Cringleford). Enhanced off peak timetable between Mousehold Heath and Norwich every 30 minutes between 0900 and 1400. Eaton Park and Cringleford to be served every 2 hours. + View timetable
Route 84 (Harleston - Norwich). Journeys restored. + View timetable

Update 18.5.20 10.30am

When travelling by bus please:

  • use a face covering to protect our drivers and other passengers, and don’t travel if you feel unwell
  • check our special timetables on line
  • take hand sanitizer to use before and after your journey, or wash your hands, and before you touch your face
  • buy a ticket in advance on our App or use contactless (or the exact change if you don’t have a bank card)
  • give priority to those with mobility issues
  • try to keep 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household, whilst queuing, whilst getting on and off, and whilst on the bus
  • consider waiting for the next bus if your bus is a quarter full.

Your safety is our priority.

Read our full advice for those using buses here.

Update 15.5.20 10.30am 

Good News

We are busy preparing to run more buses from 1st June when the lockdown is expected to be eased again.

New timetables will be live on our website from Saturday 23rd May 2020

Update 13.5.20 17:00pm

Please be aware that our buses are reserved for those who cannot walk, cycle or drive and need to:- 

  • Travel to work or school
  • Seek/offer medical attention or supplies
  • Shop

 You should not use our buses to go to places to exercise.

Update 22.4.20 17:40pm

New 3 & 6 connecting journeys

From Monday 27 April new journeys will be added on routes 3&6 between Toftwood, Shipdham and Watton, which will connect with routes 3&6 between Watton and Norwich via the N&NU Hospital and/or Wymondham. This change is due to a request from a key worker, if you are a key worker who has feedback on our emergency timetables please get in touch with us at feedback@konectbus.co.uk or by calling 03300 539358. 

Select the PDF timetable named 'Emergency Timetable'
+ View 3&6 timetable

Update 09.4.20 09:55am

Ticketing acceptance for key workers in the Norwich cityZone and Dereham areas from Sunday 12th April

Whilst the emergency timetables in place for the COVID-19 pandemic situation are in operation, if you hold a valid return, day, week or longer season ticket issued by Konectbus or First Eastern Counties, you can use this on either operators' bus service over common sections of route without charge (e.g. Wymondham/Wroxham/Dereham to & from Norwich).  This is a temporary arrangement and will cease when the emergency timetable arrangements come to an end.  We will provide you with as much advance notice as possible of that event.  Please do not make unnecessary journeys and consider whether your bus trip is essential.  If you must travel, please observe social distancing guidance and sit two metres (six feet) away from other passengers.

Update 08.4.20 15:00pm (routes 3&6, 4 and 50 updated 10.4.20)

Easter and New Emergency Timetables from 12 April

The normal advertised Sunday timetable will run on Good Friday 10th April. 

From Easter Sunday 12th April additional journeys will be withdrawn from the timetables on all days, including Sundays and bank holidays. The reduced Sunday service will run on Easter Monday 13th April. 

Information about our proposed timetables are below and we welcome your comments straight away at feedback@konectbus.co.uk or on 03300 539358. We have tried not to change journeys used by key workers - but please do tell us if you think we have got something wrong. 

Select the PDF timetable named 'Emergency Timetable'
Route 1 (Diss - Norwich). Peak journeys remain from Diss at 0705 and from Norwich at 1610. There will be a morning shoppers' journey to Diss arriving at 0945 which will provide an hour to shop with the bus back departing at 1045. There will be a reduced Sunday and bank holiday timetable too. + View timetable
Routes 3&6 (Watton - Norwich section). The 0640 3 from Watton to Norwich will operate on Mondays to Fridays only, not Saturdays. + View timetable *updated*
Routes 3&6 (Thetford - Watton section). The journeys between Thetford and Watton will be operated by West Norfolk Community Transport.  + View timetable *updated*
Route 4 (Swanton Morley - Dereham - Norwich). The 0610 from Dereham to Norwich and the 0715 from Norwich to Mattishall will operate on Mondays to Fridays only, not Saturdays. + View timetable *updated*
Route 5B (Stalham - Norwich - Eaton). Journeys between Norwich and Eaton will connect with route 50 to/from Mousehold Heath in Norwich City Centre. The Stalham - Norwich section remains unchanged on Mondays to Saturdays. There will be a reduced Sunday and bank holiday timetable. + View timetable ***** Note Catfield village and Ludham High Street will not be served due to a diversion route on 14/15 April *****
Route 8 (Toftwood - Dereham - Norwich). Revisions to the evening timetable and to the Sunday and bank holiday timetable. + View timetable
Route 11 (Swaffham - Watton - Dereham). The 1620 from Dereham will terminate at Watton and the 1730 from Swaffham is withdrawn.  + View timetable
Route 33 (Harvey Lane - Norwich). Route suspended, please see route 5A timetable for alternative journeys. + View timetable
Route 37A (East Harling - Norwich). Monday to Friday timetable suspended, please see FirstNorwich route 37 for alternative journeys between Mulbarton and Norwich. An emergency Sunday and bank holiday timetable will be in operation. + View timetable
Route 40A/41A/X41 (Bungay - Norwich). An emergency timetable will be in operation on this Sunday and bank holiday route operated by Konectbus. + View timetable
Route 50 (Eaton Park - Norwich - Mousehold Heath). Buses serving Mousehold Heath remain hourly, but buses to Eaton Park will be every 2 hours. Route 50 will connect with route 5B to/from Eaton village every 2 hours. The 0658 from Mousehold Heath and the 1800 from Eaton Park will operate on Mondays to Fridays only, not Saturdays.  + View timetable *updated*
Route 84 (Harleston - Norwich). Route reduced to off peak shopping journeys between Hempnall Green and Norwich only. + View timetable
Route 510 (Costessey P&R - N&NU Hospital). Revised timetable in operation. + View timetable

Update 31.3.20 13:00

Sundays & Easter weekend

We have recently introduced a much reduced operation on weekdays in order to reduce exposure of our team at a time of minimal demand. We intend now to reduce the service we are operating on a Sunday as many of the journeys we ran last Sunday were empty and we do not wish to encourage unnecessary travel. We would welcome comments from key workers about journeys to work on Sundays so that we can take these points into account when planning the reduced timetables.

We normally run a Sunday service on Bank Holidays – Good Friday and Easter Monday. We intend the reduced level of Sunday service to apply on these days. We do not propose to run any buses on Easter Day other than routes 3 and 4 in Norfolk and other Norfolk County Council contracts, as these serve the NNUH Hospital. If this doesn’t accommodate your travel need as a key worker please let us know straight away. 

Update 26.3.20 22:40

From Monday 30 March routes 7 and 500 will be suspended.

The timetables we published yesterday will be reuploaded by the end of today in a more legible format. 

Please get in touch if your a key worker and a crucial journey is missing from our timetables. We will give advice if another bus operator can cater for your journey. 

Update 25.3.2020 21:00

In-line with government advice about reducing the number of people at work and travelling – particularly on public transport - we are introducing emergency timetables for routes. These will go live on Saturday 28th March. At this stage Sunday timetables remain unchanged. 

Our proposed timetables are below and we welcome your comments straight away at feedback@konectbus.co.uk.

Select the PDF timetable named 'Emergency Timetable'

+ View 3 & 6 timetable
+ View 4 timetable
+ View 5A timetable (includes 5C)
+ View 5B timetable (X11 suspended)
+ View straight8 timetable
+ View 11 timetable
+ View 12 timetable
+ View 21 timetable
+ View 50 timetable (50A suspended)

Please note routes 1, 7, 37A, 40A/41A/X41, 84, 500 and 510 will continue to operate to their current timetables. 

School routes 14, 20 and 53C are suspended (updated). 

Our objective is to provide transport for key workers and access to food shops and medical facilities for those who depend upon us.

We will review our timetables following your feedback and if you feel we have not accommodated your needs, we will alter and continue to review as and when government advice changes.

We remain commited to support you with your travel plans but don’t wish for our staff to be out at work anymore than is necessary.

We would also like to reassure you that we have enhanced cleaning programmes in place with regular wipe downs on all our buses and that at present current passenger numbers are very low which enables the 2metre self distancing rule to be accommodated. 

Update 24.3.2020 12.00

We are working extremely hard to maintain our network, especially for those key workers who travel on our buses. Due to the latest government guidance all our Park and Ride sites, except Costessey (for the N&NU Hospital), will close after the last buses this evening (2030 to Airport P&R and 2210 to Thickthorn P&R). 

Konectbus routes will run to a reduced timetable from the end of this week – more information to follow. 

We urge all key workers to get in touch ASAP and advise which routes they travel on including their journey patterns with as much information as possible.

Email feedback@konectbus.co.uk or call 03300 539358. 

Update 23.3.2020 17.30pm

From tomorrow ( 24th March 2020) the following buses on Route 502 from Sprowston will not run 09.45, 10.15, 10.45, 1115, 11.45, 1215, 12.45, 13.15, 13.45, 14.15, 14.45, and 1515. From Harford, the 10.30, 11.00, 11.30, 1200, 12.30, 1300, 1330, 1400, 1430, 1500, 1530 and 1600 will not run.

The 13 and 13b to Easton College is also suspended due to the closure of the College and will not run.  If you catch this bus from Wymondham to Watton, please continue to use Route 6 as an alternative.

Update 23.3.2020 15.00pm

From Wednesday 25th March 2020, the 07:30, 08:05, 08:30, 09:00. 09:30, 10:00 on Route 4 from Norwich Bus Station to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital will be suspended. This also affects route 4 return journeys at 15:05, 15:35, 16:05, 16:35, 17:05, 17:35, 18:05 from Norfolk and Norwich Hospital to Norwich Bus Station. All other route 4 buses will run as normal.

Update 23.3.2020 11am 

From Wednesday 25th March, Route 502 from Sprowston and Harford Park and Ride will be suspended. Route 501 will continue to run from Airport Park and Ride to the city centre/bus station every 20 minutes. Thickthorn will be served by route 8 about every 20 minutes. Click here to view the Airport P&R timetable. Click here to view the Konectbus 8 timetable which will serve Thickthorn P&R. Please note route 8 uses different City Centre bus stands to those used by route 501 to Thickthorn P&R - details are on our timetable. 

Update 23.3.2020 06.30am 

Concessionary Bus Pass Holders can now use their bus pass before 9.30am allowing time to get to the shops as they open early for older people to grab their shopping as the day begins. 

Update 20.3.2020 18:00pm

From Monday 23rd March, we will continue to run our bus service as normal with the exception of route 511 (Costessey P&R - University) which will be suspended until further notice. Please remember route 5 (Postwick P&R - Norwich) remains suspended and certain route 4 journeys (which operate between Norwich, UEA and N&NU Hospital only). 

Update 19/3/2020 17.55pm 

We understand how important it is for you to know early on what changes will be made to our bus services.

Therefore, we commit to sharing our plans with you for next week by 11am tomorrow morning. 

In the meantime, please use our website or our app to check our current bus timetables.

Update 18/3/2020 20.30pm

From Monday 23 March 2020,  Journeys which only travel between Norwich, University of East Anglia and N&NU Hospital on route 4 will be suspended.

These journeys were due to be withdrawn from 6 April 2020 as part of our planned timetable changes.

Routes 3 & 4 which travel from Norwich to University of East Anglia to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and onto Watton (3) or Swanton Morley (4) will continue serve our customers. Check out our timetables for the latest bus times. 

Update: 17/3/20 21:30
From Friday 20 March 2020, route 5 (Postwick P&R - Norwich) will be suspended until further notice. This is to ensure driver availability in order to provide a reliable Park & Ride service from other sites.

Passengers who usually use Postwick P&R please use Harford P&R on the A47/A140 junction or Sprowston P & R.  

Passengers who use route 5 along Yarmouth Road, please use routes 5A/5B/5C instead and you will be able to use your valid Park and Ride tickets on these Konectbus routes. 

As the situation evolves, we will continue to keep you updated with any changes to our timetables, which will be published, in the first instance, on our website.  It may become difficult to keep our real time information up to date on our app so please keep checking this page on our website for the latest information. 

General Information

The health and safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority.

In response to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK, we would like to reassure our passengers that we are maintaining extensive cleaning regimes and following the latest government advice. We are continuing to run services to support our communities.

We are following the latest advice from Public Health England, the National Health Service, the World Health Organisation and transport industry bodies. The current government advice is that people continue to use buses and other forms of public transport as usual.

We have introduced enhanced cleaning procedures in our operations and are encouraging our colleagues to wash their hands at regular intervals. Buses circulate air every time it comes to a bus stop and most of our buses also have windows that can be opened at any time.

Many customers have asked if we still accept cash fares during this time and we can confirm we do, however where possible we actively encourage you to use contactless or mobile payments.  You can download our East Anglia Buses app via the app store or google play.

Due to the emergency nature of any temporary timetables please remember the journey planner and bus stop information in our app and website may not be correct. We hope to update these as soon as possible 

As the situation evolves, we will continue to engage with government, follow the guidance from public health bodies, and provide advice and updates to you on our services.

For more information, please go to the NHS website: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/