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Which area does cityZone cover?

It is valid on Konectbus routes; 1 (as far as Long Stratton), 3 (as far as Colney Wood Burial Ground), 4 (as far as Easton), 5B (between Eaton, Norwich and Hoveton/Horning only), 6 (as far as Wymondham), 8 (between Rail Station and Newmarket Rd), 40A/41A/X41 (as far as Stoke Holy Cross) and 84 (as far as Stoke Holy Cross). The cityZone does not include route 53C. 

Download our city zone network map 


How much does it cost?

These new fares apply from Sunday 10th April 2022. Prices on the Konectbus app remain frozen

Norwich cityZone Day

  On Bus  App 
Adult £5.00 £4.50
16-19 £4.00 £3.60
Child £3.20 £3.00
Family £9.50 £9.00


Special offer until 31st August 2022 - 10% off a family return ticket


Norwich cityZone Weekly

  On Bus 
Adult £18
16-19 £14
Child £12

Norwich cityZone 30 days

Adult £60  
16-19 £48  
Child £42  

How do I purchase?

Buy online, on our app, on the bus with contactless payment card or at Norwich Bus Station. We would prefer you don't use cash on the bus but if you have no alternative, please use the exact change.