Commute with Norwich Park and Ride

The road back to work

Commute into the city with Norwich Park and Ride. A faster, reliable and more sustainable route into the city.

Whether your heading back into the city for a few days a week or even full-time, Norwich Park and Ride provides a faster, reliable and more sustainable way to commute into the city.

With four spacious car parks situated on the outskirts of Norwich, you can reach at least one of our sites from main routes into the city centre. 

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Norwich Park and Ride

Four car parks conveniently located on the outskirts of the city centre (Postwick Park and Ride is currently Closed as it is being used a COVID 19 test centre).

Why Norwich Park and Ride? 

  • Our buses currently run up to every 15 minutes direct to Norwich Bus Station. 
  • It's cheaper than parking all day in the city centre
  • A faster journey into work using the dedicated bus lanes during rush hour traffic
  • Great range of tickets including our flexible 10-Day ticket bundle for you to use alongside your new working patterns.
  • New contactless Tap, Tap, Go caped payment system for those who regularly commute into the city. 
  • Fully sanitised buses with clear social distancing measures in place to guarantee your safety 
  • We take care of the driving so you don't have to
  • Allows you more "ME " time to catch up on all that "other stuff" 
  • You  arrive at work, less stressed than commuting by car.

Need we say more?

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Tickets and Fares

However you plan to commute back into the city, we have a wide range of tickets and fares available

Tap tap go

Tap, Tap, Go!

A contactless way to travel which is perfect for Commuters who may travel into the city several consecutive days a week or don't want to bother buying a ticket beforehand.

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Day (Anytime)

  • Day (After 12) Adult £3.80 | 16-19 £1.90 | Concession £2.00
  • Adult £2.70 | 16-19 £1.60 |Concession £1.70

10 Day

  • Adult £30 | 16-19 £14.70 Concession £16 - ideal for those with flexible working patterns

Tap - Tap Go 


  • Adult £14.70 | 16-19 £7.40 | Concession £8

4 Weekly

Adult £57.80 | 16-19 £28.40 | Concession £28.40

12 Weekly

  • Adult £168 | 16-19 £84 | Concession £84


  • Adult £577.50 | 16-19 £288.80 | Concession £288.88 - great for those working in retail, or back to the office full time 

Travelling by bus also helps to...

  • Reduce city centre congestion
  • Lower air pollution
  • Benefit the environment

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