Konectbus offers FREE bus travel to Ashill residents

3 weeks ago Wed 20th Jul 2022

Following the devastating fire which broke out yesterday in a field behind homes in Ashill, local bus operator Konectbus have offered all residents FREE travel  to help them to get about.

Konectbus which operates ROUTE 11  between Swaffham and Watton via Ashill were devastated to hear about the effects the fire had caused and therefore has pledge to allow any resident who needs to travel TODAY, FREE travel to support them during this very hard time. 


 “ Early this morning, one of our drivers drove two Ashill residents still in their pyjamas, back to the remains of their home.

The passengers had no money for their fare but wanting to help, the driver selflessly took them home.

Many Ashill residents regularly travel on our buses and therefore it is only right that in their time of need, we can support our local community and help them to rebuild their homes.

We have also set up a Company Fundraising page as many of our employees have asked how they can help. All donations received will then be shared with the Parish. "


Image of a bus